POP _ UP Urban Retail , Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, 2018

Traces, Faces and Agile Spaces.
Through the course of our practice in Mumbai , we have stumbled upon the creation of Agile Spaces that now mark most of the work in our studio .
Agile Spaces are easily reconfigurable adaptable spaces that defy strict format categorization and mutate to receive diverse programmes and lifestyles . These spaces address an urgent need for flexibility and give endusers agency and delight in their built environment.
This 500sqft(50sq m) retail space in Kala Ghoda, the historic centre of the Fort area of Mumbai is essentially an Agile Space #Instagram Space
that lies at the intersection of culture+retail+art+wellbeing
seesaws between curated retail and experimental pop-up events offering rich possibilities of engagement.

Borrowing from the vocabulary of tramlines and port activity that defined this historic area, the project was entirely fabricated on site and completed in record time and budget.
The action packed performative space includes a catwalk, full length mirrors on swivels, adjustable lighting, modular display stands and a pivoted window storefront that overlooks the hip Ropewalk lane. The tiny boxed in space is divided in 4 distinct colour blocks of green black white and gold. 2 movable shelf racks glide along overhead rails and can be placed anywhere along the length of the storeoffering an opportunity to constantly change the display formats of the space.
The fabric paneled walls can receive artwork, props and both ceiling and floor mounted installations. Abstracting the textures of the historic buildings in the precint is the artwork in the white zone called Sanji art. It is an interplay between the delicate and ephemeral nature of the insertion and the solid brick volume of the store and offers a relevant discourse in this revitalized space.